SAP VC Translation to Oracle CPQ

 InnovationWithMagnifyingGlass - 000015723126 300x200eSpline has converted SAP Variant Configurator ("VC") rule patterns and master data for several applications and now has a translation and migration of SAP VC rule patterns and objects to Oracle CPQ (formerly BigMachines).

Now, companies having both SAP VC and Oracle CPQ or BigMachines have a conduit between the two applications.   Maintain SAP Variant Configurator rules in one place and these can be translated and loaded into Oracle CPQ and achieve the same results.  

Behavior may differ because the two applications' user experiences are different, but the results are the same.  User choice selection is the same.  Configurator engine selections that the end user should not see are the same. 

See for yourself. Look at the screen examples on this page and the next and you will find illustrations of the translation and migration process for the SAP Variant Configurator to Oracle CPQ.   These screens are demonstration examples and the automation of the processes eliminates most of the screens shown. 


Believe it!  This translation works and eliminates a major headache of dual maintenance.

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