VC Model in SAP

Avenue Translator - Model image in SAP - 600x384This is a view of an SAP Variant Configurator product model running in SAP.  This is the configurable product model (KMAT) that can be extracted in minutes from your SAP client and imported to the eSpline Avenue Server, analyzed, parsed and translated to Oracle CPQ rule patterns and then imported to Oracle.  Today, the process is automated and is virtually a hands-off process.

First login to SAP and then login to the eSpline Avenue Portal (not shown here) to extract all the objects in the VC model.  The next step is to Extract the SAP VC configurable product model frequently referred to as a KMAT.  Once the product model is in the eSpline Avenue Server, you have the option to view the model in html or pdf with the Avenue Model View and then we recomend running an Avenue Health Check report (if this is the first time to extract) to determine if there will be any issues with the SAP VC model that might cause a translation problem.  There is a specific reporting category in the Avenue Health Check to inform you of potential issues with the VC to Oracle CPQ translation.