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CPQ solutions where SAP VC is leveraged and translated to another CPQ solution.  There are several solutions available today.


Avenue Translator for Oracle CPQ

Oracle CPQ logo - midUnlock the investment you already have in the SAP Variant Configurator and use the VC product definition rules in your Oracle CPQ (formerly BigMachines) front-end solution.  This is now possible using a tested eSpline extraction software tool that has been tested with hundreds of Variant Configurator product models and took several years to perfect.

The solution extracts a configurable product model from a SAP instance in a read-only mode or you can schedule an extraction at a time that is convenient for you.  If you require multiple model extracts, that is also available.

The VC rule patterns, characteristics, preconditions, constraints and class hierarchy are translated to XML and converted to Oracle CPQ readable code.   The converted code is then imported to the Oracle CPQ via the Admin portal.

Automatically translate VC models to Oracle CPQ.

  • Extract models from SAP and analyze rules
  • Parse the data and generate XML
  • Translate into Oracle CPQ rule patterns and attributes
  • Report on issues, extensions, manual input, or adjustments, if any with the eSpline "Health Check"
  • Import into Oracle CPQ (an AutoImport feature is also available)

Avenue Translator is based on eSpline‚Äôs Avenue Managing VC, which controls changes, documents models, compares revisions, tests SAP VC product models.            more information button




Download a SAP VC Model  

transform scaleWe invite you to download a SAP VC configurable product model.  We will Extract it, Translate it, Load it and then you can watch it run side-by-side in SAP VC and Oracle CPQ | BigMachines

Translate Your VC Model  


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