2011 Road to EU CWG Conf  




Conference Logistics

Road to Cologne
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ClasroomGuideTraining Following the Conference

There are multiple 2-day SAP Configurator workshops following the CWG conference in Cologne, Germany as part of the commitment to train and educate CWG members.

Each workshop is held the two days immediately following the 2011 European CWG Conference [beginning Thursday] and will not interfere with the CWG Conference.  The CWG Conference fee does not include the extra cost of the training workshops. 
Training is not sponsored by the CWG.

IOnSiteTrainingRoomPC 5.0 Technical Workshop (2-Days).  This is a focused hands-on use of IPC 5.0. 

training_student300x200Advanced VC Modeling Workshop (2-Days).  This is oriented toward the intermediate to expert user.


Pondering_On_Screen_300x200Basic VC Modeling Workshop (2-Days). This is oriented to the novice or beginner.


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