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eSpline workshops for SAP CPQ/SSC


Training on Black 300x200SAP CPQ solution that goes beyond the previous capabilities of the Variant Configurator and IPC. 


SAP is the worlds largest Enterprise Software provider. Thousands of organizations’ running SAP depend on SAP configuration technology when they sell, manufacture and deliver configurable products and services. The basic SAP configuration technology is Variant Configuration or VC and the pricing and configuration capabilities can also be leveraged in web applications with a separate SAP engine, Internet Pricing Configurtor or IPC.

SAP now offers Solution Sales Configuration (SSC) and was renamed to SAP CPQ.  It has multiple instances of inter-related IPC configurators from SAP Custom Development.  SAP CPQ (SSC) is now available for companies that need to configure collections of different product and services into consistent solutions.

Training for the SAP CPQ is offered by SAP and eSpline.  The eSpline offering is a five (5) day workshop and differs because we offer the student an opportunity to model during the workshop, so learning is retained.  Errors are checked immediately and the experienced trainer works with each student to make sure they understand the exercise.

The trainer has over twenty (20) years experience in SAP VC modeling and projects and has been modeling on a SSC project for three  year.s

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Workshop Table of Contents:

  1. SAP CPQ/SSC Installation - sent via e-mail
  2. SAP CPQ/SSC Landscape - SAP System Landscape & SSC
  3. SME Overview - SSC Eclipse Modelling Environment
  4. Knowledgebases - Differences & Similarities between SSC & ECC
  5. Classes & Cstics - Classification in SSC
  6. ADT's - Abstract Data Types - relationships between objects
  7. Materials & BOM's - Differences & Similarities between SSC & ECC
  8. Tables - SSC Variant tables
  9. Constraints - Modelling rules - Uses and best practices
  10. Instantiation - Various methods of creating objects
  11. Rules - Defining defaults and calling pFunctions
  12. Aggregation - of counters and values
  13. Overview Of Passive Receiving Structure
  14. Case Study
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