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Announcing an improved management capability for SAP VC & IPC configurable product models

global_networkeSpline LLC announces the general availability of a software as a service [SaaS] application for the SAP VC or IPC customer to compare two versions of a VC/IPC product model.   Managing the change process of Variant Configurator models just became easier. 

During many product definition projects our project managers and lead consultants had been asked by customers for an improved and easier method of comparing VC or IPC models either from two different SAP instances or just from a previous version that had changes to it.   eSpline combined their VC & IPC extraction solutions and comparison logic to quickly allow a project manager or configuration manager to quickly identify differences in models.

eSpline adds Partner Program for Avenue Managing VC

Allllright300x200SAP customers using the Variant Configurator now have available an automated solution [Managing VC] that can help them control, monitor, view and test changes in any VC or IPC product model and a Managing VC Partner Program has been announced to coincide with the software release.  The Partner Program is for independent consultants, small and mid-sized consulting organizations that focus on implementation and maintenance of the SAP Variant Configurator and IPC.  Interested individuals or firms can be rewarded for referring the eSpline Managing VC application to their customers.

eSpline broadens its offering to include Analytic Reporting for configurable products

emcien_logoCustomers demand more choices than ever, but product managers can't see details of buying patterns or features selected for their offering.  This leads to far too many option choices and product configurations resulting in growing inventory, inaccurate forecasts, longer lead times and lower profits.  Emcien's on-demand software solution, EmcienMix™, helps companies create a leaner product mix that aligns with customer configurable choices
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eSpline offers two unique SAP configurator training workshops after the Configuration Workgroup Conferences and now offered for SAP IPC and VC customers and users


OnSiteTrainingRoomeSpline has two unique training workshops that were introduced following the SAP CWG Spring Conference in Berlin, April 2008.  The 2-Day sessions are condensed versions of the 5-Day training workshops.  These workshops are Advanced VC Modeling Training and IPC 5.0 Technical Training.  Although these hands-on workshops are not endorsed by the SAP Configuration Workgroup (CWG) or SAP AG, both workshops are offered at a very low cost to CWG members attending the conferences as a service complementary to the European and North American CWG Conferences.

These workshops have been offered after each CWG Conference in Europe and North America since 2009 and been attended by over 40 different companies.   
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