Avenue Managing VC: Team Edition

Integrating Governance, Change Control, Collaboration and Productivity


    GovernanceExperience first-hand how you and your VC Team can use eSpline's Avenue Managing VC web application to raise your productivity, reduce defects, release faster and with more confidence, and get better control of your configurable product data and build/release processes.  Avenue MVC is an integrated collection of apps that operate on your product models to enable or automate essential tasks that take much more time today than they should, to the point where your team may be skipping or limiting them.
    With a 60-Day Trial , using Avenue MVC, you can grab a hat (role) or two as a Modeler, Tester, Product Manager, Data Quality Manager, Project Manager, Auditor.  You can choose and perform a (short) task or two consistent with your role, working with others on your lab team who may be working at a different time and place.

    unlock-300x199For example, your tasks may include: fix a defect in a model, copy and modify a model to evaluate an alternative design, make a model compatible with the IPC or a third-party configurator, track or approve changes on VC Models, generate model documentation, run health check reports, assign tasks to yourself or others, download and run automatic tests on models, report project status, upload a model to another SAP instance.

    Each participant will have access to the application (please bring a laptop as we will provide only a limited number) and review the application using the participants own product model (downloaded) or use an out-of-the-box model and encourage feedback on new capabilities

    This is your opportunity to get hands-on, guided experience with a new way to collaboratively develop configurators, with eSpline's Avenue Managing VC: Team Edition.  Your feedback will also be very important.  Please join us whether for 5 or 45 minutes (there are two 45-minute sessions).
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