eSpline adds Partner Program for Managing VC
Columbus, OH

eSpline LLC announces a partnership program for its newly announced software, Managing VC SaaS application

eSpline has announced a global partnership program for independent consultants, and small and mid-sized consulting organizations that have expertise with the SAP Variant Configurator and IPC.  The Managing VC Partner Program is designed for individuals and firms that work on SAP customer projects or have a network of professionals that have face-to-face contact with the SAP customer.

Allllright300x200In order to make SAP customers aware of the newly released Managing VC capability, eSpline is creating a partner program that encourages VC, IPC and CRM professionals focusing on SAP customer VC, IPC or SSC configurator projects to become a partner.   Partners will have use of the Managing VC SaaS application on the eSpline Portal for their own customer projects allowing the partner to easily illustrate and demonstrate the capability of the Managing VC application to their SAP customers.  The partner has the first hand use of the solution and can explain the benefits of the solution through example.

The Managing VC software is not new to the SAP VC and IPC community of customers and the general customer release was announced at the 2009 North American Configuration Workgroup (CWG) Conference in Marco Island, FL.   eSpline's Managing VC monitors and controls model change beginning with the first key stroke of a change, includes documenting the model, testing it, collaboration with team members, through to approval of product definition or Variant Configurator modeling changes the SAP Variant Configurator (LO-VC) or IPC.  Until now, each SAP VC user had to provide their own technology and processes to govern their changes.

"At best, the current processes are a hit or miss process and history reveals that mistakes are not easily found and there is a lot of wasted time tracking down changes, so we developed an application to make the change process easier" says David Silverman eSpline CTO.

The Managing VC software tracks all changes by comparing a changed product model to the production version and within minutes all changes are revealed and color coded.  Project Managers or Configuration Managers now can use a methodology that is consistent and accurate for tracking ll changes, documenting the changes, assuring the changes were tested accurately and the entire product model had regression testing performed (with ConfigScan VC testing solution) and then approving the changes.   This has been a manual process until the introduction of the Managing VC application.

"Until now, there has been little governance for any modification made to a SAP Variant Configurator model, because there is no standard application that identifies the change, documents the model, assures that a test was performed on the change itself and regression testing was performed on the entire model, and then a formal approval of the change. Now, Managing VC eliminates the mystery of who made the change, when and what was the change and is it right", says Don Cochran, eSpline, VP Sales and Business Development.

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About eSpline

eSpline is a software development and SAP configuration technology consulting organization headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA, specializing in implementation and deployment of SAP product configuration technology for complex products and services oriented businesses using SAP as its core business application.  eSpline also specializes in developing integration software to and from SAP, and software tools to optimize the use of the SAP Variant Configurator [VC] and Internet Pricing & Configurator [IPC].

eSpline is a premier, configurator-specific organization with partners and consultants that have working knowledge of all the available SAP configurator applications.

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