2013 InfoDay Presentations

SAP Product Configurator Info Day Presentations


Microphone imageDuring the SAP Product Configurator info Day held March 12, 2013 in Chicago, there were many presentations from early morning to late afternoon.  On this page you can download those presentations.  However, you will be asked to login with the ID and Password for the SAP presentations.  The login name and password were distributed during the meeting. 


Welcome Presentation

InfoDay Welcome"Welcome to InfoDay"; Gary Nelson, SAP and Don Cochran, eSpline


Product Modeling and Model Testing

Modeling and Testing - PMEVC 150x116


"Product Modeling and Model Testing"; David Silverman, eSpline


Governance, Compliance to Best Practices

Governance Compliance to Best Practices"Governance, Compliance to Best Practices for your SAP VC Changes"; David Silverman, eSpline

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