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 eSpline's "Avenue from VC" is a core application in eSpline's product family, and is used for exporting SAP configurable product data, including materials, characteristics, object dependencies, constraints, pre-conditions, selection conditions, UI, actions, variant condition pricing and all other configurator-relevant objects, to make your VC models ready for importing into eSpline products and other 3rd party partner software applications or for a specific SAP custom application.

Avenue from VC in one example, gathers SAP VC configurable product data, exports it in XML and makes it available to other configurator companies to transform, compile the exported VC product model and upload the translated model into the configurator solutions administrative area.  What that means is your VC Configurator model no longer is restricted to just SAP.  Avenue from VC is used with three different CPQ solution providers enabling SAP VC customers to have their Variant Configurator product model data operate outside SAP on mobile devices and the Web.  The VC behavior and execution is the same.  There are differences but those are due to the differences in a CPQ application capability.  The UI is very different and the platform is different.  But, your investment in the SAP VC is preserved.


Managing VC using the eSpline extraction technology

If you are a SAP Variant Configurator customer/user and you would like to see your SAP VC configurable product models extracted from your SAP system and function using the same behavior as the VC but outside SAP ECC or CRM, there is a way.  Of course, if you want to change the UI, that can be easily accomplished in a CPQ application or custom solution without impacting your VC Model logic.  eSpline is currently working with four CPQ solution providers to enable the VC translation. 

Avenue from VC is but one of the eSpline products in our software suite.  We developed the download and export capability and have it installed at SAP customers and can provide a similar extract for you too.  


Do you want your SAP LO-VC in an XML readable format?  Want it to include Bills of Material?  All the rule objects and BOMs are included in the download.

Do you want to compare two versions of the same VC Model.  We do that as well ..... Avenue CompareRequest a Demo button

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