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PMEVC Integration

Model Compare from PMEVC

PMEVC - Buttons - Compare Model ScreenHave you wanted to quickly compare what modifications you just made to a SAP VC product model and compare to the version you started with.  Now it is easy.  Select "Compare Models" on the PMEVC and you will be asked which versions you want to compare.  in seconds, you have a report that only reflects what has changed in the two VC product models.


Run Model Tests from PMEVC

PMEVC - Buttons - Run Test Cases ScreenNow wouldn't it be nice to be able to run a test of your VC model directly from the PMEVC?   Now you can.  eSpline can implement for you a series of buttons on the PMEVC where you view your model, run health checks, edit or built test cases and now run tests against your changes or run regression tests on the entire model.    The screen example on the right will illustrate all the buttons and a result of the test.


Edit Test Cases from PMEVC

PMEVC - Buttons - Edit Test Cases ScreenThe PMEVC now can have a capability where the user can examine and edit test cases for the VC Model.  Build or modify test cases and conditions here or a designated tester can create test cases based on the VC model requirements and the VC Modeler can examine specific test cases.  Then, the VC Modeler can test the model using the pre-built test cases (in the next PMEVC button).

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