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Software portal that enables governance

for SAP VC model change

To automate this process, eSpline combined several software solutions into a low cost Software as a Service [SaaS]* application.  We added a partner solution to fill in the testing gaps and have a tight integration and workflow to insure there is nothing missed.  A Diagram Overview of Managing VC

Avenue Managing VC

global_networkWhat does this bundle include?    eSpline's Avenue Managing VC (Team Edition) is where it all comes together with a combination of eSpline software tools: Avenue from VC, Avenue Compare, Avenue Model Viewer, Avenue XML, Avenue i2i, and the ConfigScan Validation Suite testing solution. This takes your model change process to another level.  It adds governance like never before and productivity improvements will be seen almost immediately. 


PMEVC Integration

Rolling PageNow there is a custom integration for your PMEVC to access the individual applications of the eSpline Managing VC.  While working on your VC model in the PMEVC, it is now easy to execute a VC Health Check or perform a VC Model View and enter Test Cases.  Even better is to be able to easily and quickly compare your model as a work in progress to a previous version to examine what are the differences. 


Avenue VC Health Check

 computer_health_checkCheck your model for errors and Best Practices.  eSpline Health Check is an automated solution that examines all VC/IPC product model formats and makes recommendations in six different categories including CRM, Characteristic Based Planning, IPC compatibility and Best Practices.  The report recommends solutions and identifies hard errors and cautions you when it finds modeling practices that are not good.


Automated Testing for VC Models

Testing_Image250x270Variant Configurator Testing Solution. Most projects involving creation and maintenance of SAP configurable product models requiring thorough testing of the product models is a manual process, until now.   eSpline is the exclusive North American distributor and reseller of ConfigScan Validation SuiteFrequently Asked Question about Automated Testing


Extract VC/IPC Models

CDBinaryImage eSpline "Avenue from VC" EXTRACTS and EXPORTS your SAP VC or IPC configurable product model in a standard XML format, stores it and makes it available for reuse.  This application is an integral part of the Avenue Managing VC solution and can be sold as a separate solution for those that wish to leverage the Variant Configurator knowledgebase for their own internet solution.


Avenue Model Compare

 gearsCompare two model versions for differences. eSpline "Avenue Compare" IMPORTS your SAP VC or IPC configurable product model from two sources.  You define what versions to compare and the navigable pdf or html report illustrates the differences with color coded notations: RED for deletes, GREEN for adds, and BLUE for changes.


Avenue Model Viewer
blue-arrows100X75Document and view your VC or IPC product models.  "Avenue Model Viewer" DISPLAYS an html view of your VC or IPC product model and you can also generate a navigable pdf of the view for your archives. This is the first solution that DOCUMENTS your product model with navigation capability within the model.


Avenue i2i

arrows100x75Quickly and easily move a VC knowledgebase to another SAP instance. Do you use ALE or PDR to move your VC models to another instance?  Those tools do the job, but most models require specific data moved in a designated sequence and may take days to move information to another instance.  Avenue i2i to the rescue; where you pick your model version and source SAP instance and pick your target SAP instance and watch the move happen in minutes.  Avenue i2i does all the work and validates that the models are accurate and the same.   Avenue i2i can be sold separately or as a part of the Avenue Managing VC application set.   Now AvailableContact Us


Rolling PageThis is a bi-directional integration from your front-end application or a 3rd party CPQ or ordering system and it does not just place a quote, order or contract in SAP.  Avenue Q&O acknowledges the transaction, you can inquire about the quote/order/contract, you can change the quote/order/contract and then resubmit it to SAP.  You can also change in SAP and the 3rd party solution will be updated. Only Avenue Q&O provides this robust integration.



Compare Models

gearsThis is a tool that has many uses for the modeling team. 

Examine what has been done by a modeler in your weekly model review.  Use it to show your user what has been done to a model over time.  Illustrate what has been changed for the latest change order. 

Simply select the current version of the VC or IPC model and select a previous version in the eSpline Avenue Portal.  Within seconds a report is generated in either html or as a PDF.  The report only shows the changes.


Model Compare - WOW!  

Compare VC Models

NoJustLostAfter seeing eSpline's Managing VC software demonstrated at the CWG Conference, a conference attendee said: "It took me two days to find a change that one of my modelers said he didn't make.  It took Managing VC less than two minutes! "


She went on to say:  "This would have saved me two days during a crisis period."

Avenue Trial User Comment  


comment edit“I do want to say, I did a trial with a couple of models and did the compare.  Since we are still manually copying data, I did a compare between our production version and test version.  I was able to find data issues that saved us a ton of time if we would have gone live with the issues!”


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