CPQ Translation and Migration

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 CPQ solutions where SAP VC is leveraged and translated to another CPQ solution.  There are several solutions available today.


Migrate your LegacTranslate Buttony Configurator to SAP VC

Are you implementing SAP and just starting to use the SAP VC and your company wants to convert your legacy or 3rd party configurator to SAP VC? - Migrate your legacy Configurator?

If you have a Migration requirement, you might want to explore what we have to offer.  eSpline has successfully built customized front-end solutions for SAP VC customers to examine 3rd party or legacy configurator application rulesets and transform these business rules, place them in a database for manual review and then automatically do a bulk upload of those rules to SAP VC or IPC or SAP CPQ. 

The SAP VC upload is standard and so is the process to convert, but the logic for each 3rd party or legacy configurator is unique and will require some customization.  eSpline has succeeded at this several times in the past 5 years.

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SAP VC Rule Translation

If you are using the SAP LO-VC and use either your own UI or another CPQ solution for a front end Translate Blue Buttonsolution, we can help you leverage your SAP VC rules and investment by translating the SAP VC or IPC knowledge base to your other CPQ solution.  No more dual maintenance. 

We have gained a wealth of experience from multiple customer projects where we extract and translate SAP VC rules  patterns and load the results to a variety of CPQ solutions and with a history of success.  eSpline is positioned very well to make you a success for your migration project because of the processes we use and the experience we have gained.  

We also can export logic from the SAP Variant Configurator knowledgebase and provide a parsed XML format for your custom UI.   Contact Us for more information.

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