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Supplement your VC Team

Need people for a short duration to supplement your core SAP VC team?   

Has downsizing left you behind in your delivery?    Did you just find out today you have a new product due out next month and you are short on skilled resources?

 3peoplepointing croppedWhat do we do? You invest a day in our learning of your configured products and processes.  That usually can be accomplished quickly and can be remote or at your facilities and then we need access to your VC models.  We can build models remotely as your consultants or your internal staff have done before, and we can do this to supplement your existing resources and at a competitive rate.

eSpline can also provide software tools for you as well.  Need to Compare your VC Models from multiple instances?  Need to create automated testing of your VC Models?  Need to easily move your VC Models from one instance to another without ALE?  eSpline will provide those products during the project and are available after the project.  Recommended yes, but optional.

  • Variant Configuration Product Modeling - eSpline has very deep expertise in Better/Best Practices VC Modeling techniques.  You need the expertise and you get a skilled, knowledgeable resource.   The yellow school bus does not stop here.

  • Support your Core or Regional Modeling Team - do you have new products or new characteristics that you have to add to an entire product line and just don't have the bandwidth to get it done in time for the release of the product.  This happens frequently.   We can provide a near shore extension of your in-house modeling team.  We, of course, need to learn your products first.



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