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How to Start a SAP VC Project

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Be informed before you start.  If your company does not have the experience with the Variant Configurator, you are advised to seek assistance from a person, persons or a company that has the skills, experienced resources and has successfully completed many VC projects.  There are many ways to execute a VC project and you don't want to have problems 6 months or 2 years from now that you cannot repair without an extensive redo. 


If the VC and IPC is very new to your company, eSpline proposes as a start, a one day workshop covering the following subjects:

  1. Overview of SAP VC and IPC and how it impacts the organization (optional)
  2. How to start and resource a VC project,
  3. Review good practices for running a good VC project.
  4. Techniques on Master Data Conversion,
  5. Integration of the resulting configuration with other applications (where applicable),
  6. Review visualization options,
  7. Determine education and training requirements and timing,
  8. Mobile initiative and goals,
  9. Review existing pricing options for configurable products and assess how to get into SAP
  10. Remote Support during and after the project

There is a great deal of material to cover in a one day session but it offers your company a better informed approach to starting a VC project.  It will require a full day and  we ask for and plan on your company functional leads for product, customer support, engineering, manufacturing, sales and IT.   This type of workshop is held at your facility and the face-to-face contact is very important.   We have the skills and experience to get you started and take you through all the phases of an implementation.

If you are just starting or contemplating starting a SAP VC project, Contact Us.


A VC modeler training me  

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A comment from the Advanced VC Modeling Workshop held after a CWG Conference: 

"For the first time of class instruction that I have attended I felt like I had an actual VC modeler training me rather than just someone who lightly understood the basics of the subject but did not really work with it in a real world environment."

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