PMEVC Integration

How can I have this Integration on my SAP PMEVC?

PMEVC - Buttons and Apps ScreenLook at all the screen images and brief discussion of each and if you believe that this is something that you would like to have on your SAP PMEVC, Contact Us for more information and pricing.

The Integration buttons, for now, are custom and the Avenue Managing VC and ConfigScan Testing Solution are sold separately or bundled as shown in the screen shots.  The Avenue Managing VC and ConfigScan are available separately without the PMEVC Integration, if you liike or do not use the PMEVC. 

A limited time trial is available for the Avenue Managing VC (Health Check, Model Compare, Model View, Annotations and more...).

A PowerPoint slide deck illustrating all the above screens is available here.  Modeling and Testing - PMEVC 150x116


SAP PMEVC Integration with eSpline's Avenue Managing VC

PMEVC with Customer Buttons ScreenIf you use the SAP PMEVC for your modeling environment, we have something to make your life easier. 

While in the SAP PMEVC, have you wanted a way to look at the changes you made and quickly compare against the previous version?  Now you can. 

Are you sure the VC rules just made meet recommended or your company's practices?  With the VC Health Check, you now have that power to review the entire VC model, not just a portion of it.  Custom checks can help your VC modeling team to stay "in line" with your company standards. 

eSpline has developed a very comprehensive VC Health Check Report that now can be accessed directly from the PMEVC. 

eSpline introduced this new capability at the SAP Product Configurator InfoDay in Chicago on February 9, 2012.   You now can have a series of buttons added to the PMEVC so that you or your VC modeling team that use the PMEVC can easily and quickly get a Model Health Check Report, a Model View or documentation of the entire product model, Compare two different versions of the model, edit test cases and execute tests. These buttons can be easily added to your SAP PMEVC by eSpline.

So, you now can have a set of tools that you can readily use as you modify or create your SAP VC product model.  Below you will find examples of each button.

Review the screens and then Contact Us, select "PMEVC Buttons for my SAP System", fill in your information and we will get back to you quickly.  


VC Model View from PMEVC

PMEVC - Buttons - Model View ScreenNow you can have documentation of your SAP VC product model and get either an html or navigable pdf directly from the PMEVC.  Click on the "Model View" button and see the results in seconds.


VC Health Check Report from PMEVC

PMEVC - Buttons - Health Check ScreenPress the "Health Check" button in the PMEVC and quickly receive a report listing potential issues in up to 7 different categories.  The report is easy to find (near the top of the PMEVC) and quickly available.  Click on the image on the right and see how it could look in your PMEVC system.

For the first time, you have a set of software tools designed to assist the VC modeler or VC modeling team easily accessible.  You no longer have to create a separate report or customize a report to look at your current VC model. 

How do you know that your modifications didn't create a problem somewhere else in the model.  Using the Health Check report any issues are reported to you by: Style, Internet Pricing Configurator, Use of IPC within CRM, Good practices for modeling style and more.


Model Compare from PMEVC

PMEVC - Buttons - Compare Model ScreenHave you wanted to quickly compare what modifications you just made to a SAP VC product model and compare to the version you started with.  Now it is easy.  Select "Compare Models" on the PMEVC and you will be asked which versions you want to compare.  in seconds, you have a report that only reflects what has changed in the two VC product models.


Run Model Tests from PMEVC

PMEVC - Buttons - Run Test Cases ScreenNow wouldn't it be nice to be able to run a test of your VC model directly from the PMEVC?   Now you can.  eSpline can implement for you a series of buttons on the PMEVC where you view your model, run health checks, edit or built test cases and now run tests against your changes or run regression tests on the entire model.    The screen example on the right will illustrate all the buttons and a result of the test.


Edit Test Cases from PMEVC

PMEVC - Buttons - Edit Test Cases ScreenThe PMEVC now can have a capability where the user can examine and edit test cases for the VC Model.  Build or modify test cases and conditions here or a designated tester can create test cases based on the VC model requirements and the VC Modeler can examine specific test cases.  Then, the VC Modeler can test the model using the pre-built test cases (in the next PMEVC button).

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