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Analytics Reporting for SAP Characteristics & Characteristic Values

eSpline now offers a solution that has been missing from traditional configurator offerings. This is also a complementary solution with SAP

Just how do you know what features or characteristics are your best sellers How about a combination of features that make up your fastest selling products?

emcien_logoUnless you have had what is typically an expensive combination of customized software and consulting performed on your product mix, you may know your top 5 selling options by themselves, but do you know what combination of features make up your best or worst sellers? That depends upon how many options and products you sell. Most companies don't know, let alone manage that on a day-to-day basis.

Solving the product complexity problem before it is introduced to the supply chain is essential to improving manufacturing and supply chain performance.
















While companies try to grab market share with a continuously expanding list of configurations, they begin to see a disproportional increase in parts inventory to anticipate the non-standard configurations.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Today, do you know your best selling options / features / characteristics?
  2. Do you know by region which are your best selling product options?
  3. Do you know your customers' option choices in a quote that differ in the final order?
  4. Are you trying to forecast what features/options/characteristics are your best sellers by country, by region, for your largest customers?
  5. Can you readily identify your non-performing features?
  6. Does your company know what combination of features /options/characteristics are your best sellers?
  7. How long does it take to analyze all your product options? Months? Can't do it?
  8. Is your last report of product options older than 6 months? If it is, its probably useless.
  9. Can you determine what are the most common combination of best selling features in quotes that translate to an order? Can you determine which features rarely translate to an order?
  10. Can you manipulate your information and easily perform "what if's" to analyze different combinations of features?

Product management teams try to identify the best-selling products and eliminate the non-performers, but multiple feature and option choices make this very challenging and virtually impossible when you have thousands or millions or even billions of combinations.

Now its possible at a feature/characteristic level to:

  • quickly make adjustments as the market changes
  • identify and help standardize your most profitable feature bundles
  • report in easy-to-read customizable dashboards
  • provide feature level snapshots and supply chain planning

Emcien_-_Cluster_DisplayUsing your sales data at the feature/option level, sales are categorized to determine your winners, losers and any correlations between features/options that are affecting your profit margins.

Your users will be able to access information from any location to see feature/option level analysis on demand. Customizable wizards and dashboards provide graphics, which can be taken directly from your SAP orders into reports, dashboards and presentations.


Emcien Aims to Change Auto Industry Forecasting

"According to a 2006 BPM Forum report, 90% of manufacturing companies continue to rely on basic spreadsheets to create analyses and planning metrics of multi-layered featureconfigurations. They take time-specific data and forecast the coming year based on what is actually outdated information."

Another example of making a significant change to the business; "Making Light Work of Heavy Equipment"...

"Employing a mathematical technique known as combinatorial optimization’, the software works in a similar
way to Amazon.com’s well-known 'customers who bought this item also bought these other items' feature, according to Emcien's CEO, Radhika Subramanian. Products are modeled as collections of features and options and the demand history is then examined to identify patterns of buying"

These solutions are designed to be easy to deploy...

via the Internet, and easy to learn and use, and the software is delivered as a service (SaaS), so even extremely large companies can be up and running within weeks. If your company desires to host this application in-house that is an easy alternative as well. Many companies are using this capability on a daily basis, so can you. Contact Us to answer any questions or to get additional details.

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