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Avenue Managing VC Partner Program

Allllright300x200eSpline introduced "Avenue Managing VC",in 2009 as a SaaS Portal that will help SAP customers manage their SAP VC and IPC product models.  For the first time a SAP VC user can: Extract VC and IPC Models, Compare two models, View and Document models, Collaborate with Team members about changes, Test the changes, Approve changes and Upload the model back to SAP.

History tells us that the change process is a hit or miss process at best and very inconsistent.  Every SAP VC customer uses their own applications or the tools that consultants have shown them to track changes, but that can take days to find just one change.  All changes have to be done inside SAP and no solutions or software tools had been developed to specifically aid the SAP VC modeler, VC Project Manager or the Corporate Configuration Manager or Director.

After seeing eSpline's Managing VC at the CWG Conference in Marco Island one person said: "It took me two days to find a change that one of my modelers said he didn't make.  It took Managing VC two minutes!  This would have saved my two days during a crisis period."

 Referral Partner for Avenue Managing VC

customer Image BW300x200In order to make SAP customers aware of the Managing VC capability, eSpline is looking for resourceful, independent VC, IPC and CRM professionals that focus on the SAP VC or IPC or for larger organizations that have specific practice areas on SAP configuration.   The partner can use the application and represent the eSpline Managing VC software application.

Partners can use the Managing VC SaaS application on the eSpline Portal in their own customer project and are encouraged to show the application to SAP customers.  When there is an interest at the SAP customer, identify the prospect, qualify the account and refer the contact and company to eSpline.  For that effort eSpline will pay the partner a finders fee and allow the partner to continue to use the eSpline SaaS portal for their own use at no charge.


Partner Resellers for Avenue Managing VC

partner briefcaseIn order to become an eSpline Reseller of the Managing VC application, the partner must be a referral partner first.  There must be a history of referrals leading to customers and the Reseller will have to agree to perform much of the sales process and closing of the opportunity.

The partner will be required to identify and qualify the opportunity, explain and demonstrate the use of the application and train the customer.  Support will be performed by eSpline.

For further details of how the Managing VC Partner Program operates.Contact Us.


Model Compare - WOW!  

Compare VC Models

NoJustLostAfter seeing eSpline's Managing VC software demonstrated at the CWG Conference, a conference attendee said: "It took me two days to find a change that one of my modelers said he didn't make.  It took Managing VC less than two minutes!  This would have saved me two days during a crisis period."

OMG - Look at this!  

Model View
Everybody_Looking300x200"OMG - Look at this" said one of the eSpline Portal customers when they saw their first VC Model displayed in a pdf
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