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Everybody Looking300x200eSpline has been called upon by several larger consulting services companies over the past few years to provide expertise and specific skills to help the SAP customer implement their Variant Configurator, the IPC, SAP CPQ or assist in the definition and design of product models. 

Examples include: 3-Day IPC Design review, several month engagement to assist in a very large implementation of an SAP CPQ (SSC) configurator application for a high tech customer, define and design IPC UI, implement the IPC, provide sales assistance for a large VC to IPC migration, provide VC modeling expertise and a team member of a large software developement team.

eSpline has very deep knowledge and expertise in all the SAP configurators and is frequently asked to provide advice to help solve specific problems that many times a larger SAP implementor does not have or to advise a customer on a direction for their complex products.

 We at eSpline are proud of the skills and expertise that we can offer and can assist a larger organization in a VC or IPC effort and we also can and will manage and take the full responsibility for an entire VC or IPC project and provide all the resources.


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