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Cloud application with multiple VC Tools including. Extract, View, Compare, Health Check, Move from one instance to another, Create XML to name a few.

Avenue Health Check

Avenue Health Check finds errors and recommends changes to any SAP VC product model

Have you ever wanted to find out how good a VC modeler Product Model Health Check - T07 BIKE - 600x389you are and have proof that your VC models are correct and without errors?   You can now. 

Health Check HearteSpline's Avenue Health Check examines your VC or IPC product model with over a hundred different "checklets".   A Health Check report can be generated in seconds once your VC product model is extracted from SAP and the extraction process usually takes a minute or so depending on the size of the VC product model.

The Health Check report is created when you download your VC product model and is ready for review at a click of your mouse.  You have control over how many categories can be reported.  There are up to eight categories and you can quickly alter the category selection.  For example, you may not wish to have the Health Check examine for errors for Characteristic Based Planning and that function can be easily turned off.


Health Check

Find errors and recommend changes to any SAP VC product model

SAP VC to BigMachines

Extract and translate SAP VC rules to BigMachines rules

Compare 2 Models

Compare changes between two VC or IPC product models and validate changes to be accurate before moving to production.