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eSpline LLC actively supports the worldwide community of VC and IPC professionals by hosting at no charge the CWG SAP ECC and SASP CPQ sandbox system and its supporting infrastructure.

Daniel Naus (ConfigAir) is the primary driving force behind the implementation of the CWG portal, which has turned out to be an invaluable tool widely used by CWG members.

With the CWG Sandbox eSpline is making a continued investment and commitment to best in class collaboration tools for the SAP VC community at large and is thrilled by the positive response received from CWG members.

Recent news about the CWG Sandbox:

  1. CRM 7.0 availability was announced at the 2009 North American CWG Conference in Marco Island, FL
  2. At the CWG Berlin conference [May 2008], all the conference attendees were given early access to the CWG sandbox and many of them took advantage of the offer and set up their accounts
  3. CWG Sandbox has recently been upgraded to the latest SAP kernel
  • A dedicated mySAP ERP instance open exclusively and free of charge to CWG members
  • License owned by CWG, operation sponsored by partners
  • CWG in charge of administering access & rules of the game
  • You are a product modeler and would like to learn from modelers outside your company and share your design ideas interactively?
  • You are a partner company eager to showcase your complementary software products on real-life SAP models?
  • You are a manager of a modeling team and want to benchmark your team's design against best practices?
  • You are unnamed large enterprise software vendor but have little real-life data to test your software on? 
  • Future phases
    • Gold Client - for safe keeping valuable VC data
    • Upgrade environment

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