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 Manual testing can be a thing of the past

 A unique software solution that enables SAP Variant Configurator users to thoroughly test their product models.

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Cloud application with multiple VC Tools including. Extract, View, Compare, Health Check, Move from one instance to another, Create XML to name a few.

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Export VC Model

extract foreground objectsThere are times when you would like to export the rule objects, tables and bills of material from your SAP VC instance.  Until now, you had one choice, develop your own custom export.  As part of the eSpline Avenue Managing VC suite of tools, there is an export that will extract selected VC models and create an XML file for reuse in other applications.   This export has been tested thousands of times hundreds of different companies and is in production in several customers.

This application can be sold separately for those companies wishing to be able to replicate the SAP Variant Configurator for their own website or for specfic translation purposes. 


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