I hear eSpline has a translator to Oracle CPQ?

Oracle CPQ logo - midYes, we do have a translator for SAP VC models to Oracle CPQ | BigMachines
eSpline has had the ability to extract a Variant Configurator product model for many years and it has been tested with VCandBig - Side-bySide 200x113 1,000s of  SAP models.  We have translated 3rd party configurator applications to the SAP VC and now have the ability to translate SAP Variant Configurator rules, tables and BOM's and import all objects to Oracle CPQ | BigMachines.  
The VC rules patterns are analyzed and rule logic is translated and loaded so that Oracle CPQ rule behavior is  virtually the same in either application, so that the investment in the Variant Configurator can be leveraged and continued to be used.  more information button
We have made available an AutoImport solution, now a part of the application that eliminates virtually all of the manual tasks that are required to import to Oracle CPQ | BigMachines (APIs did not exist) making it much easier to get your VC models or model changes to Oracle CPQ | BigMachines.

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transform scaleWe invite you to download a SAP VC configurable product model.  We will Extract it, Translate it, Load it and then you can watch it run side-by-side in SAP VC and Oracle CPQ | BigMachines


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