5-Day SSC Training Workshop

5-Day SSC Training Workshop


2-Day Advanced VC Modeling

2-Day Advanced VC Workshop


2-Day Basic VC Modeling

2-Day Basic VC Modeling Workshop
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2-Day Training Workshops following the CWG Conference

computer classroom training300x200Condensed 2-Day SAP CPQ Training

SAP now offers the Solution Sales Configurator or SAP CPQ.  This is a new application and eSpline now offers training following the CWG Conference.  It is held on Thursday and Friday after the conference and does not interfere with the conference proceedings.  The sessions begin on Thursday morning and end mid to late afternoon on Friday and held at the conference hotel.  The cost is $600 USD.  The CWG Conference fee does not include this training workshop. 

Workshop Table of Contents:

1. SAP CPQ Installation - sent via e-mail
2. SSC Landscape - SAP System Landscape & SAP CPQ. How does SAP CPQ interact with the CRM and ECC systems ?
3. SME Overview - SAP CPQ Eclipse Modelling Environment. Creating, importing, exporting and testing projects. Navigation of views and perspectives. Develop configuration rules in a user friendly environment, with contextual help and templates.
4. Knowledgebase - Differences & Similarities between SAP CPQ & ECC. The starting point of the configuration process. Defining parameters to link the project to the local, CRM & ECC databases.
5. Classes & Cstics - Classification in SSC. The purpose of classes and how they differ from those you have seen in variant configuration. Developing classification using SME wizards.
6. ADT's - Abstract Data Types - relationships between objects. Representing business relationships between objects in your configuration model, without being limited to BOMs & Sub-Items.
7. Materials & BOM's - Differences & Similarities between SAP CPQ & ECC ( yes they are not the same). Providing structure to the configuration objects in you project.
8. Constraints - Modelling rules - Uses and best practices. Constraints that infer values, interact with tables, define defaults, controls the UI for cstics and uses ADT’s to determine objects in very concise ways.
10. Instantiation - Various methods of creating objects. The meaning of instances. Common modelling patterns that generate instances in concise ways.
11. Overview Of Passive Receiving Structure – what will be the result of the configuration process. How do we generate SD & PP items.
12. Bottom Up Configuration – We are no longer restricted by the top down process and be totally reliant on the ECC bom structure and BOM sub-items. Generate instances and BOM items on the fly as required.
This training event is organized by eSpline LLC and is not sponsored by the SAP Configuration Workgroup or SAP AG.   It is offered to CWG members attending the conference as a service complementary to the European or North American CWG Conferences.

Best IPC Workshop  

OnSiteTrainingRoom"The best SAP training I have ever been to."

"This training would have saved me 1 month of work and frustration had I known it existed earlier"
said Stefan Molzen of Sauer Danfoss


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