Hamburg City CenterJoin us at the Conference

eSpline will be participating and sponsoring the CWG EU Hamburg conference and partnering in two presentations.  As a sponsor we will have a space where you can seek us out for:

  • Viewing a sample of a Visual & Virtual CPQ Report,
  • Seeing a demonstration of a new eLearning solution for the VC 
  • Discussion on possibilities for your company for translating a legacy configurator to SAP VC or
  • Looking at our Avenue Productivity software for Comparing, Archiving and Documenting your VC models outside of SAP.

 We invite you to visit us in Hamburg




CWG Sponsor logo - Silver sponsorSilver Sponsor @ Hamburg 2017 CWG

eSpline has been an active member of CWG since 2006 with partners being active since 1998.  Partners have only missed one conference since 1998 and that was due to a volcano eruption in 2011.  We have been a frequent sponsor since our beginning in 2006 and encourage all of our customers to participate in the CWG.   



Visual Virtual Report Image 150x194Visual and Virtual CPQ Report

We are offering a glimpse of a report for suppliers for this new and important topic within CPQ.  Several vendors are highlighted.  An abbreviated version of the report is available at our sponsor table.  Once you have an opportunity to look at the abbreviated report and you would like to have the complete report, you can sign up for the complete report.  There is a cost for the complete report, but not available at the conference.

 No Analyst Group has a report like this!


eLearning - 550x445New eLearning product introduction

eSpline is partnering with Radiant Think (Australia) to offer a new self-paced (eLearning) solution for the SAP VC for virtually all objects and some additional basics. 

Built with a focus on the new employee or just as a refresher. There are individual licenses available for 6 months and also Corporate licenses available. After each unit is a review and test.  The test results can be made available for the corporate license.  

Start and stop at your own pace

 Available at the eSpline sponsor table and we welcome your feedback


Translate Blue Button 500x350Translate your Legacy Configurator to SAP VC

 Your company like many others may still have a "product configurator" operating in an older version of ERP (pre-SAP) and the configurator works well for the older ERP package, but you also operate SAP and the Variant Configurator (or VC on S4/HANA) and you want to utilize the logic already developed for product definitions.  How can you leverage this?  

Sure you can do it manually and it may never be done because you don't have the skills that understand both or you may have hundreds or even thousands of models to translate.  In the meantime you have to maintain at least two sets of configuration rules.   This is prone to error and time consuming and do you have to enter the orders to SAP manually.  

eSpline has helped several companies leverage what is already developed in their legacy configurator by extracting the rule patterns and translating to SAP VC rule patterns.   This is a very simple statement when it is a complex process.  We have a tested process that works.  

Stop by our Sponsor Table at the Hamburg CWG Conference and let us explain how we can assist. 



 View Model Words 400x296Document your VC Model

Easily document or navigate a SAP VC model in an HTML or PDF document.  See all the objects in one place.  See graphical representations of BoM's, Classifications, and rule logic.  All tables referenced in the model are also represented.

How does this happen?  Extract a SAP configured product model into an external portal (Cloud or behind your firewall) click on the model name and you will see a navigable HTML document.  See more here.

Free 60-Day Trials are available.  RegisterHereRegister here or see us at the Hamburg CWG Conference sponsor table.



  Training on Black 300x200Training Workshops following CWG Conferences 

eSpline has has given several 2-day SAP Modeling workshops following many of the EU and North American CWG conferences.  These are offered as part of the commitment to train and educate CWG members.  

No Training workshops will be held after the Hamburg CWG Conference.

Look for future workshops at the North American Conference in 2017.

Each workshop is held the days immediately following the European or North American CWG Conferences [beginning Thursday].  None of these workshops interfere with the CWG Conference and the CWG Conference fee does not include the training workshops.

Each workshop is held at the CWG Conference Hotel.  All workshops are only available to SAP Customers and the customer has to be a registered attendee of the CWG conference in order to attend either training workshop.   The Conference Hotel room rates have been set for the conference and will be the same for the Thursday and Friday workshops.   Just make your hotel room reservation through the CWG Website.

The eSpline Training Advantage workshop cost is a CWG reduced rate for the 2-Day Workshops.   We look forward to seeing you in a future workshop. 



computer classroom training300x200 SAP CPQ Workshop (2-Days). Registration for and more information about the SAP CPQ Training Workshop. There will be a focused hands-on use of Solution Sales Configurator including creation and use of the knowledge bases and pricing, testing.   This workshop will not be offered after the Hamburg Conference.

TrainingStudentAdvanced VC Modeling Workshop (2-Days).  This training is oriented toward the intermediate to expert user and can be a great way to improve your modeling skills. Sample Chapter is available.

Previous comments from CWG VC Workshop ...

 "Overall, the course was excellent. I would highly commend this course for a beginner to VC modeling.  Since we really needed this training, I would have attended the course on the Saturday/Sunday before..."

Another said....

"I thought that the training was organized & executed very well. My only suggestion is to put the trancode names in the training manual on the appropriate pages."

This training event is organized by eSpline LLC and is in not sponsored by the SAP Configuration Workgroup or SAP AG. It is offered to CWG members as a service complementary to the European and North American CWG Conferences


Silver Sponsor  

CWG Sponsor logo - Silver sponsor

A VC modeler training me  

img class

A comment from the Advanced VC Modeling Workshop held after a CWG Conference: 

"For the first time of class instruction that I have attended I felt like I had an actual VC modeler training me rather than just someone who lightly understood the basics of the subject but did not really work with it in a real world environment."


Model Compare - WOW!  

Compare VC Models

NoJustLostAfter seeing eSpline's Managing VC software demonstrated at the CWG Conference, a conference attendee said: "It took me two days to find a change that one of my modelers said he didn't make.  It took Managing VC less than two minutes!  This would have saved me two days during a crisis period."

OMG - Look at this!  

Model View
Everybody_Looking300x200"OMG - Look at this" said one of the eSpline Portal customers when they saw their first VC Model displayed in a pdf

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