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Quickly find errors or incompatibility issues in your VC/IPC/CPQ Models



SAP Variant Configurator and IPC users or CWG members have an opportunity to submit VC, IPC, SSC or Advanced Mode product models to the eSpline Portal and receive a Model Health Check analysis of any and all SAP VC, IPC or CRM based product models.

As part of the CWG Conferences, CWG/ASUG Chapter Meetings or SAP Product Configurator InfoDay, eSpline is offering any SAP VC or IPC user the opportunity to use the eSpline Managing VC portal in order to have a VC Health Check Report created.  In order to use the Managing VC Portal, a user will have to download product models and then generate a VC Health Check Report.   Go to the Contact Us page a request a Model Health Check. 

 The screen shot is an example of the first page of the Health Check Report

                                    Larger View

This involves downloading a SAP VC or IPC product model and initiating an automated examination of the product model resulting in a pdf report illustrating errors, warnings and suggestions in specific categories including:


  1. Use of the IPC with SAP CRM
  2. Characteristic Based Planning
  3. Internet Pricing and Configuration
  4. Use of IPC with SAP CRM
  5. Checks for performance pitfalls
  6. Good practices for modeling style
  7. Variant Configuration for Sales and Manufacturing  
  8. CPQ applications compatibility

 This Health Check diagnosis includes examining all the VC, IPC or SSC logic resulting in an easy-to-read report recommending Best Practices modeling.  How do you take advantage of this offer?   Contact us and provide your email address, name and company.  If your company requires a Non Disclosure Agreement; we can provide a Mutual NDA.
Once we receive your request, we will verify that you are a SAP Customer and email you a login name and a temporary passcode with instructions. 

Your registration information will be used for eSpline internal purposes only and to assist in your registration.  Your contact information will not be given or sold to any other organization or individual.




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