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OnSiteTrainingRoomeSpline consultants have delivered a variety of courses specific to a customer's SAP VC and IPC needs.  If your company has a specific training requirements not covered in our standard offering, we will be happy to provide a customized training delivery. As an example, we can tailor the training to use your product models and processes, and/or set up the training so that the work done in the training can lead to production implementation later on. 

There are only a few people and firms that have the skills, knowledge, training and implementation experience of the SAP VC and IPC both Classical and Advanced Mode that can offer this type of training.

These workshops are offered only for SAP Customers.

Technical and product model training are important keys to your success in SAP Variant Configurator [VC] and Basic SSC (SAP CPQ) modeling or for your on-going modeling efforts  Where do you find this training? 

eSplineLogooffers VC and SSC training customized to your specific needs on-site at your company.   
After collaborating with you to assess your current company VC skills and knowledge, we can build a customized 4 or 5 day workshop with Advanced VC functions including VC Variant Pricing, Advanced Variant Functions,



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Advanced VC Modeling  


"eSpline has a New Advocate"

"Any SAP related training I require in the future will be filtered by what eSpline has available as a class".  Said a recent attendee of the 2-Day Advanced VC Modeling Workshop after the CWG Conference in Marco Island.


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