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Microsoft Logo - New - 200x42Microsoft selected eSpline to conduct a Proof of Concept to help them determine if SAP VC was the appropriate configuration solution for them.  After the PoC, eSpline begin a project to help define the SAP VC landscape, provide onsite Basic VC Training and build their first VC model for a configurable product for global availability.  Microsoft customers now can select a number of consumer products online, configure them and order as they want them.


ASM logoeSpline partnered with ecenta America (SAP CRM) to manage and implement the SAP Variant Configurator for their semiconductor products globally.  eSpline also provided onsite Basic and Advanced VC Model Training workshops in Asia and the USA.


Medtronic logoeSpline began with Medtronic with a SAP VC Proof of Concept to determine if the Variant Configurator would be an appropriate fit for Medtronic products.  After the PoC, eSpline provided onsite Basic VC Training Workshops and assisted in developing the SAP VC landscape and building VC models for three product lines.


EMC LogoeSpline begin the SAP CPQ/SSC project with 3 Lead Architects and a Modeler and worked with EMC for 2+ years building some of the more complex models and helping on the integration and architecture.

Baldor Logo largeeSpline helped Baldor design and implement their Generator product line using the SAP VC, developed software tools to aide in the Variant Configurator modeling and developed a customized solution that now is a part of the eSpline Portal.  Baldor has used eSpline for training, consulting services and now provide support on new initatives with ConfigitQuote.
Bentleysoftwarelogo eSpline assisted Bentley Systems to convert their legacy-based Configurator application to SAP’s VC and then to CRM-IPC.   Some of their comments follow:       DATA QUALITY - “I could not imagine entering all of the product models, which have to be assembled with a high degree of interconnection, by hand, and even if we had, there would have been many mistakes, and individual variations that could have caused errors in our product offering and delays in rolling out SAP CRM.”
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eSpline created web-oriented pricing procedures with customer/material discount, recreated pricing value formulas and user exits in Java, and setup data loader to periodically download pricing conditions and procedure.   We also Identified IPC pricing API's to be called from web UI with some IPC performance tuning. 


hubbellogoeSpline has worked with Hubbell on a variety of Variant Configurator and IPC projects and recently implemented the eSpline Avenue Managing VC suite and the Avenue i2i applications.  Hubbell needed to be able to document their models, compare previous versions of models, be able to archive their models and move models easily.

Cameron Logo MediumThe Valves and Measurement Division selected eSpline for their corporate Variant Configurator Training.  First, there was a 5-Day Basic VC Modeling Workshop followed up in a few months by a 5-Day Advanced VC Modeling Workshop.  Performed a Health Check of an ongoing VC development effort.   Worked with Cameron V&M to develop a requirements definition for one of their first VC rollouts.
Ditchwitch logo lg Charles Machine Works of Perry, Oklahoma selected eSpline for its Training Advantage program with a Customized Advanced VC Modeling Workshop and a 5-Day IPC 5.0 Technical Workshop.  eSpline also have provided consulting support for the Charles Machine Works SAP IPC offering.
  • Offsite consulting included knowledge transfer to EIS on the installation, configuration and operation of SAP’s Application Link Enabling (ALE) and Product Data Replication (PDR) and  assisted EIS to move a Variant Configurator product model to other SAP instances.  Also provided remote support in order to maintain necessary ALE and PDR setup, helping in resolution of issues, assistance with development/testing/use of custom ABAP reports.
HaucklogoHauck Manufacturing choose eSpline to have an 5-Day in-house  Basic VC Modeling Workshop.  Nearly 10 people participated in the session and focused on specifics of their product offering.

CarrierrLogoLargeeSpline was part of a team of consultants assisting Carrier to implement the Variant Configurator for the HVAC products.  Carrier is also an Avenue Portal customer.

GleasonLgLogoGleason Works choose eSpline to provide their internal Variant Configurator training and started with a 5-Day Basic VC Modeling Workshop and then collaborated on a customized 4-Day Advanced VC Modeling Workshop that focused on what they deemed necessary vs. just a standard workshop from a manual.
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