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Microphone_imageCall for Presentations - Cologne (Koln)  

Presentation Abstracts are no longer being accepted.  Please review the current list of Presentations


Hello CWG Member,

The CWG Program Committee invites you to present at the 2011 European CWG Conference in Cologne, Gemany, May 8 - 11, 2011.  There is a list of potential topics at the end of this page, but you certainly can select one of your own.  The theme for the Conference is "eCommerce in a Social Society".  We encourage management oriented discussions, customer success stories and round table discussions that foster networking.


ClockWithManyHandsThe time is quickly approaching for the 2011 European CWG Conference in Cologne and we ask that you submit a presentation abstract for a presentation.   So, it’s time to find your notes, your project slides and start thinking about an interesting topic and then create an interesting and energetic presentation to share.


Remember: it doesn’t have to be a success story.  If there are issues you have been grappling with, that you believe might affect others (and this is more likely than you may think!) – present them.  Any of the topics suggested below could be a good session.  Lead a round table discussion and all you have to bring to the table is a will to discuss, some situations or topics, some possible solutions, reasons why they failed or partially failed or why they succeeded.


If you have a topic, but are reluctant to address it alone, ask your colleagues and counterparts in other companies, either directly or using the forum, or contact us and we’ll try to make the connection.


SAP will be presenting timely updates on what is going on in Walldorf and past attendees have told us through our surveys that they think project results are their favorite type of presentation.  Your project is important to you and your company and the CWG members would like to hear what you and your team have done.  You are not alone and many can learn by what you have done.  So, again think about it.  We will remind you in a few weeks.   Attendees want to hear about projects!

Share your experience!

The CWG Board is also inviting your management to attend and learn about what other companies are doing and seek more participation from Managers, Directors and VPs if you can convince them to come and learn.  Configuration is more than modeling and product definition and is extremely important because it helps define your company products and services, your brand, and how it is offered to your organization, to your resellers and to your customers.    If your management would consider being a keynote speaker on the topic of VC/IPC and how it impacted your business, this would be a subject that would interest everyone.


Customer experiences are examples of what we would like to encourage you to talk about.  How did the VC or IPC help reduce errors or help grow the business?   Although modeling is important to us all, so is hearing about how the business benefited by using configured materials.   Every one of you can talk about that for hours.

 Again, share your experience and expertise!  Make your presentation or discussion forum something that people can take back and say this presentation alone justified the entire trip.


SAP Partners, consultants and software developers are welcome to show us better and easier ways to model, test, price, and lead projects, manage the entire modeling process, control costs, or change your business.  Tips on Best Practices is always a popular topic.


Remember, people come to the CWG Conference to learn, interact and network, and find out what others are doing, to discover that others are dealing with the same issues, and to hear how to solve problems.  So, if I haven’t persuaded you to present, give this to a colleague and challenge them to be the star.

Here are some suggested topics.

Building and maintaining an Enterprise Product Definition

Characteristic Planning with the VC and its impact on your business

How to use the Forum on the CWG Portal

Material Variants: Do’s, Don’ts, Why’s and How’s

Rolling out multiple plants and how to support >250 models

Analytics Reporting for configurable products

VC for the Beginner

Best Practices testing and migration of my VC models or how I scared management into doing what we knew was best

10 Things that a VC Modeler should never forget

3D Visualization – an innovation for your IPC.

Managing Changes in VC and Teams

Product Data Replication - One of the best kept secrets

Integration issues with the IPC to ERP

VC Support Team for multi-plant implementations

Do’s and Don’ts of modeling in the VC

Engineer To Order: Tips, Tricks, Issues and Pitfalls

Modeling techniques that should not be used and why

CWG Sandbox; how to use and how to get access

Lead an “Expert Round Table”

eCommerce applications using the IPC

Why we picked the IPC for our eCommerce solution

How to make your VC models compliant with IPC

Using AutoCAD with VC models

Better practices for VC model testing

Your COMPANY NAME and how we use the VC/IPC

Cool software tools for a VC Team

How we integrated with a 3rd party configurator


Based on our experience, many abstracts are submitted quickly after the “Call for Presentations” and the CWG Program Committee anticipates having at least half of the presentation slots filled by March 25th.   No Presentation will be considered for submittal nor a spot on the program reserved without a Presentation Abstract Form completed. This is to ensure that we don't deny a presentation because of a "reserved" space for a TBD presentation. 

Once you submit the Presentation Abstract Form, the Program Committee will acknowledge your submission quickly and review the topics earlier than in the past so that we avoid last minute issues with scheduling and so you can get approvals for travel.  The final date for abstract submission will be April 8, 2011.  However, submissions before March 25th will have priority.


Now, that we have your attention, download a Presentation Abstract Form, fill it out and send it to the CWG Program Committee.   Your presentation title and your name will be listed on the CWG website.  An example of a website abstract display:   

We look forward to hearing from you.

CWG Program Committee

Contact the CWG Program Committee with any questions

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