Avenue Managing VC: Team Edition - Trial Offer


Here is an opportunity for you to see how to add governance to your SAP product model change process


60-day free trial imageeSpline offers you today a Trial license to use the Avenue Managing VC (Team Edition).  This access permits you in a non invasive manner to extract a SAP VC or IPC Product Model from your SAP system and download to a secure eSpline SaaS Avenue Portal and there you can receive a  Health Check of your SAP VC Product Model or see your VC/IPC Product Model documented with Avenue Model Viewer in a navigable pdf document or in a navigable html format. 

With the 60-Day Trial you will also be able to use Avenue Compare for comparing two versions of a product model and within minutes be able to quickly find and view what changed since the last version. These versions can be from different SAP clients.

Witht the 60-Day Trial, you also have the ability to collaborate with other VC team members by inserting or annotating the model with comments and send the comments to others on the VC Team.   When received, the team member has a link back to the original message where they can add to the comment. 

The comments are persistent for all versions, so a history of the comments or tasks remains for the life of the model or until you delete the comment or task.

The VC Team lead can also assign tasks with priorities and target dates.  Although Avenue Managing VC has the capability for task or testing approvals or uploads back to another SAP instance these capabilities are not available in the trial version.