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 Manual testing can be a thing of the past

 A unique software solution that enables SAP Variant Configurator users to thoroughly test their product models.

Avenue Translator

Avenue Translator Converts SAP VC logic to BigMachines

transform scaleThere are over 100 SAP customers that use the front-end application from Oracle CPQ | BigMachines.  Since the Avenue from VC application already can extract SAP VC product models and convert them to a readable language, we had the first step already completed.  What was necessary next was to be able to understand the configurator rules, formats and behavior of BigMachines (now Orcle CPQ).   As part of our development process, eSpline has converted SAP Variant Configurator ("VC") product model rule patterns and master data several times for customers and now offers a translation and migration of the VC to Oracle CPQ | BigMachines. 
So, companies that have both SAP and Oracle CPQ | BigMachines now have a conduit between the two applications.   Maintain SAP Variant Configurator rules in one place and these can be translated and imported into BigMachines and have very similar behavior.   Behavior differs slightly because the two applications are different, but the results are the same.
The behavior is virtually identical in Oracle CPQ |BigMachines when compared to SAP VC.  Of course, the UI is different and there are small differences in the display of the characteristics/options. 

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