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5-Day Advanced VC Modeling Workshop

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TrainingStudentThis is an intermediate to advanced VC modeling training workshop. 

We have added several new units to this workshop and it now is 5-Day, in-house training workshop and is available to SAP customers.   Each student should have knowledge of material master data, bills of material, and optionally, routings.  Previous training either from eSpline's Basic VC Modeling Workshop or a SAP PLM 145 is recommended.

This training is oriented toward the experienced modeler and is a great way to expand your skills on more advanced modeling techniques available in the SAP Variant Configurator.  We have reviewed many of the questions asked in the CWG Forum and modeled this workshop to answer some of those hard questions.

This is a natural follow-on to eSpline's  Basic VC Workshop  or to the PLM 145 training offered by SAP.  This workshop is complementary to each of these courses.  Advanced VC Modeling is intense and includes hands-on creation of a variant configuration model from scratch and focuses on generally accepted best practices.


 This workshop is offered only to SAP Customers and is designed to be held at a SAP Customer facility. 


Training curriculum includes the following:

  1. User Interface Control with Tabs & SCREEN_DEP
  2. ALE
  3. Performance
  4. Variant Pricing
  5. Basic Variant Functions
  6. Advanced Variant Functions
  7. Advanced Variant Tables
  8. Domain Restriction Options
  9. Updating Sales Order Values with VCSD_Update
  10. VC Production Planning Strategies
  11. Order BOM
  12. ECM
  13. Mass Data Load Options
  14. VC with Project Systems
  15. Variant Pricing
  16.  Math Functions


A VC modeler training me  

img class

A comment from the Advanced VC Modeling Workshop held after a CWG Conference: 

"For the first time of class instruction that I have attended I felt like I had an actual VC modeler training me rather than just someone who lightly understood the basics of the subject but did not really work with it in a real world environment."


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