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eSpline LLC eSplineLogowas founded in 2007 with the purpose of better servicing SAP Variant Configurator (VC) and Internet Pricing & Configurator (IPC) customers and to build software tools to supplement and improve the modeling experience with configurator applications.

We solve problems!   We can translate legacy CPQ applications to SAP or SAP VC to your customized UI.  We will plan and build SAP VC, IPC or CPQ product models, plan and manage your customer projects, teach and train personnel better modeling techniques and the end result is a successful project.

eSpline will work with an organization from a Proof of Concept through a Greenfield Project from beginning to hand-off to production and then support after "Go Live".

Today, there are very few firms that specialize only in CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) assisting organizations with complex products and services, let alone providing expertise in SAP CPQ Software solutions and implementation services.  eSpline was formed to leverage our expert knowledge and experience of SAP and a select few other CPQ applications and offer that experience to SAP customers.

You, no doubt, have already discovered this, but much of the SAP CPQ expertise today rests with independent consultants.  That expertise was learned from the companies they worked for.  Of course, there are many knowledgeable SAP CPQ specialists that work for SAP customers, today.  But...

This sceanario leaves most companies using SAP VC, IPC and SAP CPQ and soon SAP VC on HANA with few choices:

  1. Hire the independent consultant to fill in
  2. Hire a company that will find you the independent consultant and the hiring company takes no responsibility for the project

    a better way...

  3. Engage a company that specializes in solving difficult configuration related problems, manage the process and project, manage the change and will take responsibility for the success of the project.
  4. Engage with a mid-sized to larger consultancy for your larger SAP implementation project  and they will typically find and hire the VC & SAP CPQ expertise with an independent consultant. The large and mid-sized consultancies choose to hire the specific expertise when needed.  So, the customer hires a firm that hires other people to solve the problem.  eSpline questions that approach.

eSpline was founded on these principles.  eSpline will take the responsibility and be held accountable for the successful implementation of a SAP configurator.

eSpline can provide a SAP customer the needed expertise to initiate, plan, build, manage, train and implement a SAP configurator project large or small.  eSpline provides the staffing and expertise to make your project a success.

Our expertise was achieved with real live customer projects over many years of assisting and managing large and mid-sized SAP customers with their Variant Configurator and Internet Pricing Configurator and SAP CPQ applications.  We offer Best Practice VC & IPC modeling services, software development services for SAP customers and software tools for our software partners and SAP customers.  There are only a few firms in the world that can provide the expertise that eSpline people offer.

eSpline LLC is headquartered in Columbus, OH, USA with consulting services offered throughout the globe.

Company Values

We strive to:

  • Develop high-quality software for complex product oriented companies that use and deploy rules based configurators
  • Develop software tools that unleash full capability of the SAP configurator applications
  • Provide Best Practices modeling for all our customers
  • Provide unique expertise and knowledge of the SAP configuration engines including: VC, SCE and SPE, Advanced Mode and SAP CPQ capability
  • Enable customers with complex products to better utilize their configurator applications an their integration into SAP
  • Ensure that we provide a standard of service and excellence offered by few other focused configuration oriented consulting firms
  • Manage customer projects to meet project deadlines and meet or be under budget
  • Maintain 100% customer referenceability
  • Design, develop and deliver successful and usable software tools to support SAP and third party configuration applications



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