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microphone_in_empty_hall Here are presentations made by eSpline at past CWG Conferences, SAPPHIRE/ASUG and CWG Chapter meetings.  You may download any of them for your review. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.
eSpline_Presentation_-_SAP_IPC_PricingMini100x76SAP IPC Pricing
This presentation focuses on real  world project experience implementing complex pricing with SAP IPC and will focus on generally accepted good techniques for translating ECC pricing procedure logic to IPC. Other topics include tips for improving performance and configuring the VMC container & caches, advanced techniques for condition determination and optimized database access.

eSpline_Presentation_-_Transform_Product_Models_Mini100x77Transforming Product Models

This presentation introduces the business reasons for and implications of model transformations. Then it focuses on a pragmatic, proven, iterative, model-unspecific transformation technique that we have successfully applied to many of the above scenarios.  It features an automatic transformation that addresses an issue discovered by an automatic "health check" that "critiques" an existing VC product model.


eSpline_Presentation_-_Top_10_IPC_TopicsMini100x77Top 10 SAP IPC Topics  

Anyone that is going to be using the SAP Internet Pricing Configuration will be interested in this presentation.  It describes what you should know about IPC.


eSpline_Presentation_-_Evil_Auditor_vs_the_VC_Good_Guys-Mini_-_100x77Managing VC Change or "The Evil Auditor vs. VC Good Guys"

2011 Cologne CWG Conference Presentation.  Here is a presentation where the "Evil Auditor" is trying to catch the "VC Good Guys" in an audit of some changes made to a VC product model.  A little humor and good results for the Good Guys.

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