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eSplineLogoeSpline is a software development and SAP VC and SAP CPQ configuration technology consulting organization headquartered in Columbus, OH. USA, specializing in implementation, SAP VC & IPC training, developing productivity improvement software, and deployment of SAP configuration technology.

100% referenceable customers is our goal

We specialize in developing software tools used with the SAP Variant Configurator [VC] and Internet Pricing & Configurator [IPC].  eSpline consultants have worked with, planned, managed, modeled and installed the SAP VC Classical and Advanced Mode, the IPC configurator and the newer SAP CPQ or Solution Sales Configurator (SSC).

eSpline consultants have expertise in HVAC, high-tech, automotive, and many companies in the SAP area called IM&C (Industrial Manufacturing and Components) offering complex products and services.   There are only a few companies offering dedicated practice areas for product and services configuration, and even fewer companies provide the expertise and practical experience that eSpline offers:

Rolling_PageOver the past twenty plus years, our professionals have implemented the SAP VC and IPC and now SSC (SAP CPQ) for many Global 2000 companies with some of the most complex of products.



We also offer:

  • Close ties to the SAP configuration product development and software development teams
  • Customer experience with current day and most previous versions of the SAP configurators [VC, IPC, SAP CPQ, SSC, SCE, SPE, ISA & MSA]

  • Over 20 years product configuration modeling expertise

  • Work closely with the SAP Configuration Work Group as Board members and as former President



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