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2010 Vienna Conference

2010 European CWG Conference - Vienna

2009 Marco Island Presentations

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Presentation titles for the 2009 North American CWG Conference - Marco Island October 5 - 7, 2009

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Presentation title Date and Track Schedule

Monday - General Sessions
Welcome and Intro 8:30 AM

CWG President's Address 8:45 AM

KeyNote: A New Science of Configurable Products 9:15 AM

SAP: Configuration - Overview and Outlook 10:30 AM

Customer Story - Implementing VC in a highly customized SAP implementation 11:15 AM

SAP: From Products to Solutions: Overview of the Business Opportunity and SAP’s Product Strategy 1:30 PM

SAP: Integrated Product Development for Configurable Products with SAP PLM 7.0- Overview and Outlook 2:15 PM

Integrated Product Development – Fact or Fantasy? 3:30 PM

AMR Research - Survey Results - Opportunity/quote to order for Mfg of Complex CTO and ETO products/solutions 4:00 PM

CWG Chapter Highlights and Update 5:00 PM

Tuesday - Track 1- SAP & Other Influencing
Analytics; Sales Analytics For Configurable Products in SAP BW & SAP Business Objects
8:30 AM

Solution Configuration: Req. for Architecture and Functional Integration
9:15 AM

SAP: WS: Order Orchestration in Solution Selling
10:30 AM

SAP: Embeded Configuration Viewing & Proposal Generation - Concept, Requirements
11:15 AM

SAP: PME for Variant Configuration - Overview SAP Configuration 1:30 PM

Analytics: Planned enhancements to Extraction Tools for Analytics of Configurable Products
2:15 PM

SAP: Feedback session: Configuration in PLM Integrated Product Development - Graphical Maint of Dependencies, simulation of low-level configuration 3:30 PM

Best Practices: Integrated Product Development – Roundtable Influence Workshop
4:15 PM

Tuesday - Track 2 - Best Practices & SAP Updates
Best Practices: Modeling for complex manufacturing using multiple instantiation
8:30 AM

Best Practices: Managing Change to Configurable Products 9:15 AM

VC Model: Modeling contest – solve the challenges!
10:30 - Noon

SAP: Deep Dive: UI Designer for SAP Configurator 1:30 PM

Modeling for successful product and materials planning 2:15 PM

Optimization of the SAP Master Data creation process using Workflow and Adobe Forms
3:30 PM

SAP: Order Engineering Workbench - A solution overview
4:15 PM

Tuesday - Track 3 - Partner Solutions
Testing: Do More with Less Effort and attain higher quality via Automated VC Testing
8:30 AM

SAP : Recent Improvements in the IPC Configurator
9:15 AM

Workshop: Tool-Supported Continuous Testing and Comparison of VC and IPC Implementations
10:30 AM

Automated Data Validation Using TxShuttle and SAP Queries
11:15 AM

Analytics: Analytics for Optimizing Product Mix and faster quote to order cycle Managing VC Models and Teams
1:30 PM

Productivity: Managing VC Models and Teams 2:15 PM

Customer Story: Offline quoting and visualization for SAP using KMATS and SAP pricing
3:30 PM

IPC Graphical UI With Adobe Flex and Custom Default Values Management 4:15 PM

Wednesday - General Sessions
CWG Sandbox: Update and Demo: How you can use it and new capability 8:45 AM

Customer Story: Unique VC/IPC Challenges and Solutions 9:00 AM

Customer Story: Large graphical configurations at the point of sale to the BOM in production 9:30 AM

Best Practices: Unambiguous Best Practices – and then the rest 10:30 AM

Restricting Characteristic Value Domains using Function Modules: Overview of the Approach and Lessons Learned
11:15 AM

Expert Roundtable - Peter Einstein, Barry Walton, Lawrence Matusek, Daniel Naus, David Silverman, Albert Haag 1:30 PM

Best Practices: 10 Things that Every VC Modeler Should Know
2:15 PM

Planning: Characteristics Planning for VC Models
3:30 PM

Best Practices: PDR - Product Data Replication and how to use it
4:00 PM

Designing a Product Model Data Promotion Strategy using SAP PDR
4:30 PM

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