Side by Side - original & translated model

vcandbig side-byside2What the screen shot shows is a translated SAP VC model with the same behavior in Oracle CPQ.  The SAP Variant Configurator product model shown on the left side has been extracted, translated and imported to Oracle CPQ | BigMachines shown on the right side.  What you see is an actual side by side view of the same product models operating in both SAP and Oracle CPQ applications. 

The behavior is the same

The results and selections are the same

Click on the image and see for yourself



Believe it!  Your SAP VC model is likely complex and you have invested lots of time and treasure to make it work for you. 

                                           You are not going to replace VC!    So, Leverage it! 


Keep SAP VC for your product definition for manufacturing, purchasing, and all else it does well and then leverage it for a front-end sales definition for quoting. 


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