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"When I use the Translator, does this create a file on my local machine (or network drive if that is where I save it to) and then upload the data into Oracle CPQ | BigMachines from this file?"

Yes, currently the integration of translated models from eSpline's Avenue Translator to Oracle CPQ | BigMachines uses zip files that are downloaded from the Avenue Portal and then upload to Oracle CPQ | BigMachines.  We are now using web services to reduce the number of manual steps and automate the process.

Avenue Translator has two options.
 One is when you are in the eSpline Avenue Portal cloud (SaaS) or on a server at your site. In either case, there is nothing that is created on your SAP servers.  It would be on a separate Microsoft server if on your site.  We extract the a KMAT or any configurable product in a read only mode from SAP, analyze the date, parse it and create XML in the Avenue Portal/Translator server. Then translate and use XML again for the import to Oracle CPQ | BigMachines. 

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