Avenue Translator for BigMachines

eSpline introduces Avenue Translator at 2011 BigIdeas Conference


Gears imageeSpline's Avenue Translator was introduced and demonstrated at the 2011 BigMachines Conference in Chicago October 23, 2011. 

What does Avenue Translator do? It exports a SAP VC product model, translates the Variant Configurator rule patterns, tables and BOM to XML and then converts to BigMachines rules, tables and logic and imports to BigMachines.  Table entries, characteristics, preconditions, constraints and class hierarchy are translated. One conference attendee from a company using both SAP and BigMachines said  "...the cost will easily be paid for the first year.  You just made my year.".

"With eSpine's Avenue Translator for BigMachines running in the cloud, you can save time and money, and be more productive.  There is no more need to manually translate and sync SAP VC changes to BigMachines.  You now can do the translation automatically", said Don Cochran, eSpline's VP Sales and Business Development.

Why use Avenue Translator:

  1. Easy to extract your SAP VC product models and tested with hundreds of SAP customer's VC models
  2. View and document your SAP VC model
  3. Examine the VC model for potential issues and get recommendations for fixing the issues with the Avenue Health Check
  4. Continue to use the SAP VC inside SAP and when changes are made, quickly export, translate and import to BigMachines

Easily extract a VC product model from your SAP system.  It takes only a few minutes for each VC product model.  You can view the SAP VC model like you have never seen before using the eSpline Avenue Model Viewer.  The report can be seen in either html or pdf; each is navigable.  Once the extraction is complete, today you will have to manually convert to XML and then translate to BigMachines.   All done in a matter of minutes,  You can schedule the extraction as well.

About eSpline LLC

eSpline, LLC is a Columbus, OH, USA based software development and consulting services company specializing in improving and optimizing a complex products and services oriented customer’s business processes using SAP as its core business application. Customer’s benefit through application of eSpline's extensive and in-depth knowledge of SAP configuration applications and eSpline's focused approach to solving configuration oriented application problems using sound, tested processes and building software tools.

Specializing in SAP-VC, IPC and IPC Advanced Mode configuration applications, eSpline offers SAP configurator project assistance with Blueprinting, Design, Project Planning, Product Modeling, Project Management, Product Model Outsourcing, Resource Planning, and Integration and Implementation Services. Customized training for SAP VC, IPC and Advanced Mode configuration is also provided for individual customer projects or sessions for multiple customers. Our consultants have assisted large and mid-sized companies realize the benefits of process integration, resource planning, eCommerce and best practices modeling.  More information on eSpline can be found at: www.espline.com.


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