eSpline's Avenue "Managing VC" Certified by SAP



SAPCerti_Int_SAPAppli_PCG10_R_pNow a SAP VC or IPC product model can also be quickly compared with another model version by clicking on an icon using eSpline's Avenue Compare application resulting in a report that only illustrates changes between the two models.

"This is a game changer where a VC modeler or VC team lead can quickly view in a compare report all changes made to a product model since the last versionNo more do you havle to spend hours or days looking for all the changes. All changes are identified and reported in minutes. " said Don Cochran, eSpline's VP Sales and Business Development    The Avenue Compare report illustrates every modification, deletion or addition and changes are highlighted in easy to find text using different colors; Red for deletions, Green for additions or Blue for changes between the two models. 

Now, the SAP Variant Configurator or IPC user has software tools available that can help them be more productive. 

In conjunction with the certification, eSpline is now offering a 60-Day Trial offer for customers of SAP using the Variant Configurator to see for themselves.  

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eSpline, LLC is a Columbus, OH, USA based software development and consulting services company specializing in improving and optimizing a complex products and services oriented customer’s business processes using SAP as its core business application. Customer’s benefit through application of eSpline's extensive and in-depth knowledge of SAP configuration applications and eSpline's focused approach to solving configuration oriented application problems using sound, tested processes and building software tools.

Specializing in SAP-VC, IPC and IPC Advanced Mode configuration applications, eSpline offers SAP configurator project assistance with Blueprinting, Design, Project Planning, Product Modeling, Project Management, Product Model Outsourcing, Resource Planning, and Integration and Implementation Services. Customized training for SAP VC, IPC and Advanced Mode configuration is also provided for individual customer projects or sessions for multiple customers. Our consultants have assisted large and mid-sized companies realize the benefits of process integration, resource planning, eCommerce and best practices modeling.  More information on eSpline can be found at:
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