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Tacton Partnership

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Tacton CPQ for SAP



eSpline has been a partner of Tacton since mid 2014 and provides the Avenue VC Extract from SAP and a variety of integration solutions on the Tacton Integration Layer, MuleSoft and Apache Camel for passing Tacton CPQ and Tacton Extension for SAP quotes and orders back to SAP ECC/SD. 


eSpline also has provided expertise and services to enable Tacton to translate SAP rule patterns to Tacton CPQ for SAP and Tacton Extension for SAP enabling Tacton and SAP customers using to use the same CPQ rule behavior and rule maintenance. 


eSpline is, with a decade of experience, a leading expert in the field of SAP configuration. eSpline specializes in implementation and deployment of SAP product configuration technology for complex products and services oriented businesses using SAP as its core business application, and provides full integration of its powerful SAP VC conversion tools to Tacton CPQ.


With eSpline as a partner Tacton’s SAP VC users have the possibility to continue editing and executing their design rules in SAP VC and replicate this functionality in Tacton CPQ. The mix of Tacton and eSpline ensures coordination of the design and sales processes enabling accurate and compatible quotes and orders that support sales and the manufacturing process.


Thanks to the partnership with eSpline, Tacton can deliver SAP VC conversion as a complete solution, including implementation and support. With eSpline, Tacton now can offer its customers a CPQ solution to support and enhance the sales process that fully matches the demands of the SAP VC community and the critical business processes that SAP VC provides without sacrificing the capability of the SAP VC.


Customer Stories  

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Charles Machine Works of Perry, Oklahoma selected eSpline for its Training Advantage program with a Customized Advanced VC Modeling Workshop and a 5-Day IPC 5.0 Technical Workshop.
eSpline helped Baldor design and implement their Generator product line using the SAP VC, developed software tools to aide in the Variant Configurator modeling and developed a customized solution tha...
eSpline was part of a team of consultants assisting Carrier to implement the Variant Configurator for the HVAC products.  Carrier is also an Avenue Portal customer.
Gleason Works choose eSpline to provide their internal Variant Configurator training and started with a 5-Day Basic VC Modeling Workshop and then collaborated on a customized 4-Day Advanced VC Modelin...
eSpline assisted Bentley Systems to convert their legacy-based Configurator application to SAP’s VC and then to CRM-IPC.   Some of their comments follow: DATA QUALITY - “I could not imag...
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eSpline assisted Medtronic with a VC PoC to determine the worthiness of the SAP VC for the Medtronic products lines.  SAP VC fit the requirements and eSpline  provided onsite Basic VC Traini...
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eSpline helped Microsoft make a decision on using the SAP VC to determine if it fit their configuration requirements.  It was a good fit.  eSpline provided in-house Basic VC Training, assist...
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eSpline started with a VC Proof of Concept for ASM to determine if the SAP VC would meet their product complexity and requirements.  Once the proof was completed, eSpline conntinued with a Greenf...
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