How can I have this Integration on my SAP PMEVC?

PMEVC - Buttons and Apps ScreenLook at all the screen images and brief discussion of each and if you believe that this is something that you would like to have on your SAP PMEVC, Contact Us for more information and pricing.

The Integration buttons, for now, are custom and the Avenue Managing VC and ConfigScan Testing Solution are sold separately or bundled as shown in the screen shots.  The Avenue Managing VC and ConfigScan are available separately without the PMEVC Integration, if you liike or do not use the PMEVC. 

A limited time trial is available for the Avenue Managing VC (Health Check, Model Compare, Model View, Annotations and more...).

A PowerPoint slide deck illustrating all the above screens is available here.  Modeling and Testing - PMEVC 150x116


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