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Having trouble finding training for the SAP Variant Configurator? 


Unless you or your company has a program to train you in-house or you are fortunate enough to be able to find a 2 day or 5 day training workshop, getting trained on the SAP Variant Configurator is probably a hit or miss situation for you.  

There is a new release of a Basic SAP VC Modeling Workshop that can be self-paced and most importantly, online.  So, you can take it from the office, your home or where ever you have an internet connection. There are exercises, tests and some basic modeling better practices included.

If you would like to have a "teaser" or try the course to see if it is a good fit for you, that is possible, too; but you would only get a small sampling of the content.

This courseware is oriented to the individual or to be used by a company using the SAP VC via subscription for those in their organization that would need to update skills or to train new people. 

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