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How can I have this PMEVC Integration?

PMEVC - Buttons and Apps ScreenHow can I have this PMEVC Integration?

The Integration buttons, for now, are custom and the Avenue Managing VC and ConfigScan Testing Solution are sold separately or bundled as shown in the screen shot. 

The Avenue Managing VC and ConfigScan are available separately without the PMEVC Integration, if you liike or do not use the PMEVC. 

A 60-Day trial is available for the Avenue Managing VC (Health Check, Model Compare, Model View, Annotations and Tasks, Change Approvals and more...).


More information about PMEVC Integration


Does eSpline implement VC?

expertise words200x133Yes, we do implement SAP's Variant Configurator.

We provide experienced consultants that can provide a blue print, model design, modeling effort, VC training, planning, testing, implementation and rollout.  Our goal is to transfer the knowledge to you the customer so you are comfortable with the installation after we leave.

I saw a software tool at the CWG Conference that documented a VC product model. How do I get one?


Avenue Model View Screens - 600x389eSpline has a software solution called Avenue Managing VC that documents the entire SAP VC/IPC knowledge base.  The models are first extracted outside of SAP and then stored in a portal for future review.  The documentation of the model is available in a PDF format or in a navigable html document. 


I hear you offer SAP VC Training. Do you offer training at the CWG Conferences?

OnSiteTrainingRoomYes, eSpline does offer SAP Customers training workshops immediately after the CWG Conferences.

We offer 2-Day Basic VC Modeling and 2-Day Advanced VC Modeling Workshops and frequently the IPC 5.0 Technical Training Workshop immediately following each of the Configuration Workgroup (CWG) Conferences in Europe and in the USA (North American Conference)

More information on these training workshops can be found here.
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